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Your generosity shows what it is you value and what you prioritize. for where your treasure is, your heart is. and our mission @agapeverse is to get our hearts in a posture and in a position that is in agreement with God’s heart and God’s will for the lost and for this world. God wants to be first in our lives. God wants to be first in our hearts, and the way to put him first practically is by giving him the first 10% of our resources. We believe in rewards. and we’ve provided a way to celebrate those who give over and beyond. introducing “gold glove legacy” we invite you to the greatest party and reward show @agapeverse. Not only does it provide a way for your money to be blessed, but it provides a way for you to release your own blessing and love to god and be rewarded for it. Gold glove legacy provides an outlet for you to release your love back to God through giving.

Join us.

Join our group and become part of this new movement.