We bring God’s love to people


@agapemusicverse we believe before we’ve ever thought about singing songs to god, god has songs he is singing over us. worship is a gateway to receiving god’s love. and you can do that by downloading Agapemusicverse on apple, spotify, or youtube.


We believe prayer is our first response not our last resort. conversations with god what are they? They are gateways to receiving God’s love. we are praying for you: text or call our prayer teams:


The bible is God’s love story written to you. It is inspired by the spirit of god. it is god breathed. it is alive and it is powerful. it is sharp enough to divide your soul and your spirit. it is a light to your feet. and lamp to your path.The bible is what we study. The bible is what we preach. The bible is what we believe. The reason why the bible is so important: because it is a gateway to receiving God’s love. You can see all messages online, on website, app, or youtube.

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