We all collectively as a church do something good through “the love movement” on a sunday which we call love day. and we invite people all over to conferences that week. which we are calling (the love movement v1).


Groups allow you to practically build right relationships and grow in love together. no matter where you find yourself in life there is a life group for you.


It is easier than ever to become a member of @agapeverse. 15 min. and you receive access to the “go for gold membership app” which allows you to keep track of your own goals as you build victory points and grow in your own love for god. here you build your own avatar: choose your […]


Your generosity shows what it is you value and what you prioritize. for where your treasure is, your heart is. and our mission @agapeverse is to get our hearts in a posture and in a position that is in agreement with God’s heart and God’s will for the lost and for this world. God wants […]

Become a team player

Your gift will make room for you: there’s nothing like giving god back what he has already given you. We do this by becoming a “team player” team players use their gifts to glorify God and we provide an outlet @agapeverse for you to flourish and thrive in the gift god has given you. What […]


The bible is God’s love story written to you. It is inspired by the spirit of god. it is god breathed. it is alive and it is powerful. it is sharp enough to divide your soul and your spirit. it is a light to your feet. and lamp to your path.The bible is what we […]

The dug out

We believe prayer is our first response not our last resort. conversations with god what are they? They are gateways to receiving God’s love. we are praying for you: text or call our prayer teams

Agape music verse

@agapemusicverse we believe before we’ve ever thought about singing songs to god, god has songs he is singing over us. worship is a gateway to receiving god’s love. and you can do that by downloading Agapemusicverse on apple, spotify, or youtube.